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Merrell Trail Glove Review

Merrell has created an enormous name for itself within the minimalist industry. The company supplies shoes that embody the advantages of minimalist movement while still being visually appealing. The concept behind minimalist footwear is that nature designed your foot to be bare that and no shoe company can hope to enhance its design. By adding all the bells and whistles, many shoe makers really do take ill turns that can do additional damage. If you’re a traceur considering exploring the advantages of minimalist footwear, the Merrell path Glove is also the proper shoe to begin with and will presumably be the sole one you ever woumerrell parkour shoesld like.

With a name like Merrell Trail Glove, you ought to expect these shoes to be created with great care. Its omni-fit technology suggests that the lacing system is intended to supply a snug, however secure and tight encasing of your delicate foot. However, in contrast to lots of minimalist shoes, it provides a wider toe space to let your toes unfold well, which helps your toes avoid obtaining blisters. Its foot bed comes treated with associate antimicrobial answer that aims to tame odor.

Part of the shoes comfort comes from the fabrics that encourages amazing flexibility. But don’t you worry about support, the band at the rear end of the shoe is strong and won’t let your foot become more flexible than it should.

The Merrell Trail Glove presents a decent deal of sturdiness. The shoe was designed for running outside in nature—on trails, within the woods, through mountain ranges. So although it wasn’t designed for the urban jungle, it had been still designed with foot stress in mind. It had been designed to withstand the jagged rocks and random shreds of wood you’ll be able to expect to dot a forest path. The toe of the shoe is formed out of united rubber, so it ought to do fine once it comes up against concrete and metal. Behind that feature is a section of shock absorption material, which will keep your toes safe from stressful impact.

merrell trail glove

Does the price tag of around $100 turn you off? You’re not the only one. I’m frugal myself. Just remember that years of research and development have gone into minimalist footwear by dedicated professionals. It’s ultimately up to you to decide whether these parkour shoes are worth that kind of money.

A challenge you could run into with transitioning to the Merrell Trail Glove is soreness. Ultra-cushiony shoes teach most people very bad habits and allow us to be lazy. Trying to adapt those lazy movement habits to minimalist shoes will leave you in pain. Luckily, Merrell provides tons of information about how to undo the damage of walking and running with poor form and before long your ankles and calves and knees will be the best they’ve ever been!

All in all, the Merrell Trail Glove is a great parkour shoe. Is it the best parkour shoe? Can’t say for sure, only you know what’s best for you!

See if it’s the shoe for you by reading more reviews on Amazon!

Keep It Up

Many people tire and burn out from training parkour. I get it – it can be grueling work. Hands get rough, shins get splints, shoes cost money. It’s not easy.

But then you preform that beautiful Kong vault. As you fly through the air, you feel the wind gliding around your face. You raise your hands and throw your legs behind you and for a brief moment you are no longer in control of your movement. But it doesn’t cause you to fear. You’ve done it a hundred times. You know you can trust your body and instincts.

Then the scrapes and sore muscles and blood stains become worth it as you’re reminded all over again why you love to train.

Keep it up.

The Reasons Behind Parkour Sweatpants

You see it in videos, pictures, and on the news: parkour trainers love sweatpants. But what’s the rave behind the sweats? Why not just run in shorts? There are a couple reasons why parkour sweatpants are preferable over any other type of pant or short:

parkour sweatpants

I always wore Champion sweats myself


Good parkour sweats will be lightweight. Jeans or cargo shorts can be a bit heavy, but good sweatpants won’t slow you down one bit. Of course athletic shorts are also lightweight, but you’ll see in just a moment why I don’t recommend them.


Good parkour sweatpants are light enough to be weightless, but thick enough to last. If you take a couple falls now and then, sweatpants are going to be able to handle the pressure. This also leads us to the final and most important aspect that athletic shorts or any other type of pant will offer.


Sweatpants with both of the qualities above will offer significant protection to the trainer. I can’t tell you how many times I scraped up my shins and knees before I started wearing parkour sweatpants to train, even in the summer. It’s completely worth it.

One time I second guessed a movement I was making and ended up with a split open shin. Messing up and falling is a common event in the world of parkour training, so you must be ready. I wasn’t. As I second guessed myself and failed the attempted movement, my shin slammed down onto the corner of the wall I was vaulting. Sliced my shin right down to the bone.

Being safe is one of the most important elements of any parkour training session, and parkour sweatpants will offer you protection that no other below-waist-wear will be able to provide.

Go buy yourself some parkour sweatpants!

The Definitive Guide to Parkour Training Locations

If you are searching for the best places for parkour training, but don’t know how to find them, you’ve come to the right article! This is a problem that many practitioners face. Whether you’re in the Alaskan tundra, the plains of Texas, or the beach of Florida, there are places to go for parkour training and practicing!

I’ll start by listing off things to keep an eye out for. Many of the best spots for training are hidden or don’t seem useful. It’ll take some creativity to make use of the places around you, especially if you don’t live in a city, so keep your eyes and your mind open to new things.

Where to Look for Parkour Training


parkour training

So big, so inspiring.

This may sound silly to you, but playgrounds are excellent sites for parkour training to occur. While they used to be relatively uniform, newer playgrounds continue to get stranger and stranger. These new, odd obstacles will inspire creativity and allow for unique training if you allow your mind to be set free.

When I was a beginner, my friends and I trained at a local park called Legacy Play Village, which was made entirely of wood. All the cool structures provided a fantastic place to master the basics, but the wood wasn’t always best for the movements that would be more suited for concrete training. But that’s okay. The park was excellent for many things!

Keep an eye for parks and playgrounds, but make sure to be respectful to kids and families while you’re there.

parkour training

Theatre building at Texas Tech – one of my favorite spots.

College Campuses

College campuses generally pride themselves in elaborate structures, entree-ways, and courtyards, making them an excellent place get a variety of training in. The local university, Texas Tech, offers numerous places, each with their own specialties and quirks. While other places for training may be spread out, college campuses are bound to have several spots relatively close to each other!

Be careful about being in the way of students and staff, and always respect the campus security and authorities. If you run into trouble, which occasionally happens, simply leave and come back another day.


There were several churches that had great areas for parkour training that we visited frequently back in my day. One had several picnic tables that we would move around for different obstacle exercises and another had a series of walls where we would practice cat grabs and wall runs.

Still, be aware that some church members would prefer not to have you jumping around on their precious property. Respect that.


parkour training

So many possibilities!

Forests? Yes! Forests! Parkour training is beautiful in the midst of nature. Use boulders, trees, and even animals (just kidding) to train in a new and exciting way. Nature training can be more difficult to experience since finding specific areas that lend toward a good practice environment is difficult. However, once you discover that set of trees and rocks, whether it’s in your backyard, on top of a mountain, or in a public park, you won’t regret the search.

The bark and rock will be rough on your hands initially, but feeling those naturally occurring surfaces will trigger something in you. You’ll have to be creative to locate and really milk these natural spots.


parkour training

Beach om nom.

Sand is very forgiving. Public beaches often have pretty walkways and structures to lend toward the beauty of the scene. These can be excellent areas to train in. Freerunning is more commonly found here, since flipping into sand is more gentle than concrete and dirt, but parkour is completely possible  too.

Look around, look again, and just start moving! Don’t forget sunscreen.


While for the most part parkour training will occur outside, gyms present an amazing opportunity for growth. Some things are simply just too intimidating to attempt outside for the first time. Soft floors and comfy pillows make that much less daunting. Be careful to not become so comfortable in a gym that performing the same or similar movement outside becomes merely a dream.

These places may require a small subscription or per visit fee, but are well worth it if you use your time wisely. Push your boundaries hard here so you know what you can handle on concrete. Then push your boundaries on concrete. Check out the Tempest Freerunning Academy!


Further Resources

There are many other places that would be fun to give parkour training a try such as open fields and theme parks, but if you’re just out of luck, consider these options. Search on Google and Facebook for local parkour communities. They’ll know where the good spots are and how to get you there.

I would also recommend checking out the hotspot maps of American Parkour, Parkour Spots, and Parkour Generations.

Final Thoughts

You’re now on your way to becoming an expert at locating excellent places for parkour training, but you still lack one thing. Go out and do it! Be creative, try new things, go back to places you thought were not worth visiting. The thing that makes a spot a good spot is the trainer. So go, be free.