5 Parkour Games to Train With

A lot of training is simply playing. When I was heavily involved in parkour, my friends and I would make up plenty of games to assist our sessions. These games made us competitive, which helped us conquer some mental barriers, and also cooperative, teaching us to work together.

Try out these 5 parkour games next time you’re training with some friends and you’ll be surprised by the results.


Parkour GamesThis parkour game is so simple. One person tries to tag another. That’s it. However, there are many different variations that can be added in order to change it up some. Define specific boundaries, make only certain types of surfaces touchable, or maybe disallow certain movements. The possibilities are endless!

My favorite variation is zombie tag: everyone who is tagged becomes the tagger with the original tagger. Last man standing wins!

This game will challenge your ability to make quick decisions and connect your movements smoothly.

Add On

This is my personal favorite. One person performs a movement. The next person performs the first person’s movement and then adds on another. Go down the line of people until the sequence of moves is so long that someone stalls before a movement.

This game trains the specific movements that are chosen and also the flow between multiple movements.

Follow the Leader

Follow the leader

Follow the leader

This game behaves much like tag, but has its differences. Instead of running for your life, you’re either leading or following. The leader has to think quickly and the follower has to emulate what the leader does. It’s very fun and simple.

This parkour game teaches the leader to think quickly, and challenges the followers to complete the same  movements as the leader more fluidly or efficiently.


Parkour Horse


Ever played horse in basketball? It works for parkour too! Take turns completing movements until someone flinches or falls. That person then has an ‘H’. Go all the way until you spell our ‘Horse’.

This parkour game requires each participant to be challenged by the others. It’s definitely a mental block breaking game if you ask me!

Speed Runs

This last game is very simple. Point A to point B; whoever gets there the fastest wins! If you’re at a training location that has a wide variety of obstacles, you can even do the same run multiple times, each race choosing a different set of moves.

This parkour game will teach you to be quick, confident, and fluid, as your moves must connect together very well in order for you to win.


If you’re a super-boss at paintball and parkour, then you could combine them together!


Go Play

And now it’s time for you to stop staring at whatever screen that is before you. It’s time to play. Go out there and explore! Be safe, train well, play hard.

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