The Reasons Behind Parkour Sweatpants

You see it in videos, pictures, and on the news: parkour trainers love sweatpants. But what’s the rave behind the sweats? Why not just run in shorts? There are a couple reasons why parkour sweatpants are preferable over any other type of pant or short:

parkour sweatpants

I always wore Champion sweats myself


Good parkour sweats will be lightweight. Jeans or cargo shorts can be a bit heavy, but good sweatpants won’t slow you down one bit. Of course athletic shorts are also lightweight, but you’ll see in just a moment why I don’t recommend them.


Good parkour sweatpants are light enough to be weightless, but thick enough to last. If you take a couple falls now and then, sweatpants are going to be able to handle the pressure. This also leads us to the final and most important aspect that athletic shorts or any other type of pant will offer.


Sweatpants with both of the qualities above will offer significant protection to the trainer. I can’t tell you how many times I scraped up my shins and knees before I started wearing parkour sweatpants to train, even in the summer. It’s completely worth it.

One time I second guessed a movement I was making and ended up with a split open shin. Messing up and falling is a common event in the world of parkour training, so you must be ready. I wasn’t. As I second guessed myself and failed the attempted movement, my shin slammed down onto the corner of the wall I was vaulting. Sliced my shin right down to the bone.

Being safe is one of the most important elements of any parkour training session, and parkour sweatpants will offer you protection that no other below-waist-wear will be able to provide.

Go buy yourself some parkour sweatpants!

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